Sunday, May 19th
- Games at Roosevelt Park have been postponed due to yesterday's rain and field flooding.

- Flag Football will play tonight at Grant Park!

Little Black Dress Club

  • Sport: Fitness
  • Format: 12 sessions, 2x week
  • Locations: Innovative Strength & Conditioning
  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Started on : Started on Tuesday, September 25
  • Dates: 9.25, 9.27, 10.2, 10.4, 10.9, 10.11, 10.16, 10.18, 10.23, 10.25, 10.30, 11.1
  • Times: 5:30 PM

Signup Deadline: Sunday, September 16

The Little Black Dress Club is designed to help you:

Lose inches
Define and sculpt
Look fabulous!

The session is $119 for 2x per week for 6 weeks, Tue/Thu at 5:30pm. Includes guided nutrition, accountability, and motivation!

About Toraino Singleton: Toraino Singleton (PES, CES, ISSA,CSCS) is the owner of Innovative Strength & Conditioning and a sports training coach. Toraino has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches and personal trainers in the Sacramento area. As a former NFL, NFL Europe signee, Toraino serves both athletes and non-athletes of all ages and size, designing custom workout and nutrition programs that best fit the goals and needs of his clients. During a session, Toraino challenges inner weakness to build outer strength. This allows for one to begin (and continue) a journey towards becoming a healthier, better person for their family, friends, and most importantly for one's self. Toraino received a degree in Sociology at the University of Texas El Paso, where he has set several records as a running back, as well as strength and conditioning program designer for Coronado high school in TX. To learn more about Toraino Singleton visit

    • Gender: Females Only
    • Age: All Ages