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Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Late Fall '18)


D-Bocceration X photo First Place Trophy

Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Late Fall '18)

  D-Bocceration X

The 'X' Factor

"D-Bocceration X" has earned the title of Bocce Ball Champions for our final season of 2018, defeating "Peanut Butter Bocce Time" 15-9.

After a close loss to "The Big LaBoccees" the week prior, who were our previous Bocce champions, "D-Bocceration X" entered the playoffs with a record of 4-2 as the #2 seed. They were matched against the "Don't Bocc This", who they barely defeated by a narrow score of 15-14 in week 5.

During this first playoff game "Don't Bocc This" was ahead of "D-Bocceration X" and looked like early favorites to compete in the finals. However, "D-Bocceration X" eventually came back and were able to pull out the win against "Don't Bocc This" 15-12.

"D-Bocceration X" were then tasked with facing against the #1 seed and undefeated "Peanut Butter Bocce Time". But as we have learned from previous seasons, the underdogs always come to compete when it matters. "D-Bocceration X" used their momentum from their playoff win and looked unstoppable in the finals. They jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, winning against the now defeated "Peanut Butter Bocce Time" 15-9.

Congratulations to "D-Bocceration X" on a thrilling season for our final Bocce Ball season of 2018. We hope to see you all again and reclaim your title during our Spring season!

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Peanut Butter Bocce Time photo
Second Place Trophy

Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Late Fall '18)
Second Place

Peanut Butter Bocce Time

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Peanut Butter Bocce Time
7 1 0 38 14
  D-Bocceration X
6 2 0 22 12
  Don't Bocc This
3 4 0 1 6
  The Big LaBoccees
3 4 0 -14 6
2 5 0 -15 4
  I Came in Like a Bocce Ball
1 6 0 -32 2
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Point Differential, then head to head, then record against Common Opponents.
º Forfeits
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