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Cornhole - Fridays (Late Fall '18)


Unprotected Sacks photo First Place Trophy

Cornhole - Fridays (Late Fall '18)

  Unprotected Sacks


The "Unprotected Sacks" are our Friday Cornhole champs, taking down "Team B" 3-1 in some very close games during the championship matchup.

All season it was almost a forgone conclusions that "Unprotected Sacks" would be in the championship to defend their title. They were by far the best team, slowed up only by a 2-2 draw to "Team B". Things did get a little hairy in the playoffs though, where "The Great Cornholios" forced a 5th game before falling 3-2 in the semifinals. Other than that they couldn't be stopped!

Overall "Unprotected Sacks" finish with a nearly perfect 9-0-1 record and an impressive +21 point differential. That's more than double the 2nd place "Team B" who ended with a +10. The win also marks back-to-back championships, proving just how dominant of a team they have been for a couple of seasons now. Congratulations to "Unprotected Sacks" on the incredible season!

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Team B photo
Second Place Trophy

Cornhole - Fridays (Late Fall '18)
Second Place

Team B

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
1   Unprotected Sacks 9 (1)º 0 1 21 19
2   Team B 6 (1)º 2 2 10 14
3   CornHub 5 (1)º 2 3 6 13
4   The Great Cornholios 5 (1)º 4 1 0 11
5   Shuck Em 4 3 2 3 10
6   TGC 3 (1)º 5 1 -4 7
7   Corn-Mazing 2 (1)º 3 3 -6 7
8   Bags of Fury 2 (1)º 5 (1)º 1 -8 4
9   Holy Corncubines 1 6 (1)º 1 -14 2
10   The BY 0 7 (5)º 1 -8 -4
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