Team Payment Policy

We want to make things as easy on captains as possible, and this new system should help with that!  Captains pay a small non-refundable deposit to reserve a team spot in a league, then send payment requests to teammates and have any remaining balance automatically charged to the credit card used to make the deposit on the morning after registration ends. If the teammates don't pay their share, any remaining team balance is the captain's responsibility.  By reserving a team spot, we may turn away other teams to save your spot, and we're planning the league with the expectation that your team is in the league. We will not add players to your team. Captains are responsible for any declined payments or chargebacks from their teammates and will be charged accordingly.


If you wish to pay the full team balance during registration, you must first pay the deposit, and then pay the remaining balance from your player page.


The most common way to pay for a team is to use the optional TeamPayer feature and send requests to your teammates to pay what you determine to be their portion of the team fee. When each player pays, your team balance will be reduced accordingly.  Your teammates are paying Xoso directly using the TeamPayer feature. The optional TeamPayer feature does add a $2 charge to each teammates portion for the convenience of splitting the fee and paying online.


You may also collect money from teammates offline and pay the balance off through your player page at any time.


Please remember that sending a TeamPayer request is not the same as paying your team fee! If your players do not pay their portion, their fee will be charged to your credit card on the day after registration closes.  We will not track down your players for payment.  You choose them as teammates, choose wisely!



Because the cost associated with the leagues are paid before the leagues begin, Xoso Sport & Social League will NOT provide refunds or credits for any reason, including (but not limited to) illness, injury, relocation, etc.  Social events are also non-refundable.


If Xoso is not able to offer the league you registered for, a full refund will be given, or, when possible and at your request, we may transfer you to a different league. In that scenario, any applicable price difference will either be refunded or need to be paid by you.


Checks and Cash

We do not accept cash or checks.  For company team checks, please contact us.