The state of CA and City of Sacramento are allowing a tiered return to sports! Low risk sports may resume now, with more sports available as we move through the tiered system. Like everywhere else, masks are required.

We will post new leagues as soon as we're able!

Player Testimonials

  • I wish I could give XOSO more than 5 stars.  I'm just finishing my first season and couldn't wait to sign up for another.  Highly highly recommended to people who want to have fun, meet new people and down a few drinks after. – Costa

  • This league is the most exciting thing in my life. I moved to Sacramento knowing few people. I joined Xoso and it changed my world. – Cindy

  • Xoso Sport and Social League is the best organization in Sacramento to have a good time and meet new people. – Andres

  • I just joined and got to say the experience is freaking awesome! I'm playing kickball right now, but I attend the other events just to socialize with all the wonderful people I've met. Classy organization and very approachable, friendly staff. A-1 people running an A-1 league. – Arthur

  • I'm hooked.  The hardest part is deciding which sport(s) to play each season! – Tammy

  • I can proudly say that XOSO has played a huge role in my social life. Because of the league, I can truly say that I have made some life long friends who I will spend time with, vacation with, and inevitiably invite to my wedding. – Joe

  • My only complaint about Xoso is that I wish I had found it sooner. – Katie

  • Xoso sport and social league is soooooo mmmmmmmuch ffffffffun.  You don't know what you're missing, especially if you are sitting on your ass playing video games or watching other people play sports on tv!  I'm totally addicted and a little in love. – Elisa

  • I love it. It's the best, safest, easiest way to meet good people in Sacramento.  – Justin

  • Love Love Love! I keep coming back for more every season! – Tamiko

  • XOSO is where you go to meet the best of Sacramento. In the few months that I have been involved with XOSO, I have met  the most outgoing, athletic and positive minded individuals since my move here three years ago. XOSO IS more than just a sports league. It is a social club. – Ryan

  • I have been playing XOSO for over a year now and its freaking awesome!  I have tried all the sports and every single one of them is a good time. – Brenda

  • If you're looking to meet new people, get a little more active, or just want a way to liven things up a bit, pick a sport and JOIN! You won't regret it. – Vita

  • If it wasn't for Xoso, I wouldn't have anything to look forward to on Wednesday evenings. If you're one of those people (like I used to be) who sit on their butt after work everyday and wonder what other people are doing for fun, this is it! – Josh

  • If u have any worries, do not despair. I have made sooo many new friends through xoso. – Mary

  • After moving from Arizona last spring, my husband and I signed up for Xoso's indoor kickball league, unsure what to expect but hoping to meet people like us. We knew NO ONE, but everyone was cool and welcomed us right away. We highly recommend joining Xoso -- it's totally fun! – Kelly

  • I have met some of the most awesome people through this organization.  – Yvette

  • I've met some of my best friends at XOSO and I only signed up less than a year ago. I've played volleyball and outdoor kickball and had a blast! XOSO incorporates everything that every adult needs which is being active and surrounding yourself with fun, positive people. – Michelle

  • It's a little more expensive than other sports leagues around town, but I think that makes for a higher quality group of people. – Sarah

  • This is a great way to meet people, get out and exercise, and just have fun! – Kristin