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Kickball - Sundays (Spring '18)


The A-Team photo First Place Trophy

Kickball - Sundays (Spring '18)

  The A-Team

An A+ Performance!

The "A-Team" is our Sunday night Kickball champion, taking down the top team from the regular season, "Fellowkick of the Ball", in a convincing 7-3 win. Their championship opponent may have been undermanned, but in the end "A-Team's" ability to make them pay for mistakes by scoring runs was the biggest factor.

It was a slow start to the regular season for the "A-Team" as the indy team struggled to find there feet, going 1-2-1. However, things turned around in week five with a blowout win over "Blue Ballers", jump-starting their run to the title.

In the final game of the regular season it was simple; if the "A-Team" won their game, they were onto the title. The one caveat was that their opponent, "For Kicks and Giggles", was also in the hunt for a spot in the championship game. Unfortunately for their opponent the "A-Team" would prevail 11-8 in a high-scoring affair, putting them one step closer to the championship.

In the end it was a fantastic season for the "A-Team". They would end with a league high +19 point differential, showing that despite their record they were definitely the best team all season. Congratulations on the successful season!

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Fellowkick of the Ball photo
Second Place Trophy

Kickball - Sundays (Spring '18)
Second Place

Fellowkick of the Ball

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Fellowkick of the Ball
7 2 0 9 14
  The A-Team
5 3 1 19 11
  For Kicks and Giggles
3 3 2 6 8
  Pitches Be Crazy
2 3 3 2 7
  Blue Ballers
1 7 0 -36 2
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