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Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Spring '18)


Balls of Furry photo First Place Trophy

Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Spring '18)

  Balls of Furry

A Night of Upsets!

"Balls of Furry" is our first Bocce league winner of the year, taking the championship in a 15-4 blowout win. This after a pretty intense 15-11 win over the #2 "Giuseppes" in a small upset as the lower #3 seed.

That wasn't the only surprise of the night though, as a bigger upset was also brewing at the same time. The biggest upset of the night was the fourth seed "Fed Heads" knocking out the favorite to win it all in a convincing 15-6 first round victory. Having only won once this season the "Fed Heads" put together arguably their best game of the season last night in the win.

Unfortunately for them that didn't carry over to the championship, where "Balls of Furry" was a forced to be reckoned with, despite only winning twice through the regular season. Instead, they saved their best for last. Congratulations to "Balls of Furry" on the fantastic title run, proving that anybody can win on any night!

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Fed Heads photo
Second Place Trophy

Bocce Ball - Wednesdays (Spring '18)
Second Place

Fed Heads

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  My Safe Word is 'Pallino'
6 1 0 16 12
  Balls of Furry
4 4 0 10 8
  The Giuseppes
3 4 0 -2 6
  Fed Heads
2 6 0 -24 4
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