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Cornhole - Tuesdays (Summer '18)


Tea Baggers  photo First Place Trophy

Cornhole - Tuesdays (Summer '18)

  Tea Baggers

In the 'Bag'

It was a great turnout on playoff night, with plenty of fans out to watch Tuesday night's playoffs. In a great championship match-up it was the "Tea Baggers" who came out on top, knocking out "We So Corny" 3-1. While the "Tea Baggers" were new to Tuesday nights, they certainly aren't new to our leagues, having won our Thursday night league on multiple occasions.

The "Tea Baggers" were certainly a favorite to win it all, but they hit a snag early, picking up a mere tie agains "The Great Cornholios" and dropping a 3-1 game to "We So Corny".

Eventually they would get back on track, leading to a championship game revenge match. In the playoffs "We So Corny" was taken to a 5th game by "Pub Scouts, but they managed to fight off the tough opponent. That would be where their run ended though, as "Tea Baggers" was just too good for "We So Corny".

Congratulations to "Tea Baggers" on the league title!

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We So Corny photo
Second Place Trophy

Cornhole - Tuesdays (Summer '18)
Second Place

We So Corny

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
1   We So Corny 8 1 1 21 17
2   Tea Baggers 7 (2)º 1 2 14 16
3   The Great Cornholios 6 (1)º 2 1 16 13
4   Pub Scouts 6 (1)º 3 0 9 12
5   Corn Stars 3 4 1 -2 7
6   Wrong Holes 3 4 1 -6 7
7   Shut Your Cornhole 2 5 (1)º 1 -8 4
8   Corn Again Christians 2 5 0 -14 4
9   Children of the Corn 1 (1)º 6 0 -24 2
10   Winston’s Warriors 0 7 (4)º 1 -6 -3
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