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Dodgeball - Thursdays (Fall '18)


Dodgeholics photo First Place Trophy

Dodgeball - Thursdays (Fall '18)


(Dodge)Ball is Life!

The "Dodgeholics" are our latest dodgeball champion in stunning fashion! As the #2 seed heading into the playoffs they were certainly a great team, however it was tough to believe anybody would take down "Mooseknuckles". As the defending champion there were entering the playoffs undefeated and were looking to stay that way.

It was a pretty rocky regular season for the "Dodgeholics", going 3-3 to start their season. However, they went on a bit of a hot-streak to close it out, winning their last two games and pushing them into the playoffs as the #2 seed.

As the #2 seed they took on "Adult Friend Finders", a squad with a great mix of veterans and newcomers. "Dodgeholics" got out to an early 2-0 lead, but a clutch shot by Jeff near the end of game 3 kept his team in the game. Were it not for that, things could have gotten out of hand. Instead, the "Dodgeholics" stayed the course and defeated "Adult Friend Finders" 4-3.

In the championship our heroes were tasked with taking down the undefeated squad "Mooseknuckles" who were fresh off an easy 5-2 1st round victory. Led by their stoic captain Serge and John's fierce battle cries the "Dodgeholics" got out to an early lead. Unlike their previous game though they were able to keep their opponent at bay for the entirety of the game. The "Mooseknuckles" were able to get to within two points by making it a 4-2 game near the end, but the "Dodgeholics" put the final nail in the coffin by winning a convincing 7th game. They'd pick up one last game to make it a 6-2 final.

Congratulations to the "Dodgeholics" on an incredible run, playing up to their potential and them some to bring down a nearly invincible opponent. They weren't all that invincible though, as proven pretty handily by the "Dodgeholics". We wish them the best of luck as they try to defend their title this coming season. Well done!

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Mooseknuckles photo
Second Place Trophy

Dodgeball - Thursdays (Fall '18)
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
9 1 0 18 29
7 3 0 14 5
  Adult Friend Finders
4 4 1 9 -4
  Ballz N Dollz
3 5 1 7 -8
  Team Z
2 (1)º 4 2 6 -1
  Dee Dee and the DodgeBaes
0 8 (1)º 0 -1 -21
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