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Softball - Sundays (Fall '18)


Xos-Hoes photo First Place Trophy

Softball - Sundays (Fall '18)



The "Xos-Hoes" are our Sunday softball champion, taking down some tough competition yesterday. They may have entered the playoffs as the #4 seed, but they ended the day as #1!

It all began in their first game of the afternoon against the top team from the regular season "Bad News Bears". The "Xos-Hoes" got off to a flying start, picking up 8 runs in the first 2 innings, setting themselves up for the rest of the game. Unfortunately for the "Bad News Bears" their bad start was too big a hole to dig out of, and because of it fell by the final score of 8-2.

In the championship game "Xos-Hoes" took on an undermanned "Bumblebees" squad, though their offense was clicking on all cylinders after dropping 12 run on the "Masterbatters" in their first game of the day.

Heading into the 3rd inning "The Bumblebees" were leading 2-1. But, that all changed for the "Xos-Hoes" when Charles hit a bases-clearing triple to break the game open. That would lead to a total of 6 runs in that inning, giving them a huge 7-2 lead.

In the 4th inning the "Xos-Hoes" threatened again, but thanks to an incredible 6-4-2 triple play with the bases loaded, "The Bumblebees" were able to mitigate even more potential damage and stay within striking distance for the time being.

We fast-forward to the 6th inning, where the "Xos-Hoes" tacked on 2 more insurance runs to push their lead to 10-2. In the bottom half of the inning "The Bumblebees" were only able to muster 1 run, not nearly enough for a comeback. After the dust had settled, it was a 10-3 championship game win for the "Xos-Hoes".

Congratulations to the "Xos-Hoes" on finally reaching the top! It's definitely well-deserved!

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The Bumblebees  photo
Second Place Trophy

Softball - Sundays (Fall '18)
Second Place

The Bumblebees

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
7 3 0 14 34
  Bad News Bears
7 2 0 14 28
  The Bumblebees
7 3 0 14 22
6 3 0 12 -2
  Teal Seam Six
3 5 0 6 8
  Basic Pitches
3 5 0 6 1
  The Dodgy Jags
2 6 0 4 -26
  Team D
0 8 0 0 -65
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