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Soccer Standings

Soccer - Thursday Coed (Late Fall '18)


Team Iceland photo First Place Trophy

Soccer - Thursday Coed (Late Fall '18)

  Team Iceland

Breaking Through

"Team Iceland" is our newest Thursday night league, dethroning the "Silver Snakes" after they had taken back to back titles. This was also the third time in a row the two teams have faced each other in the finals, so the win has to feel extra great to finally get revenge. It wasn't an easy one either, with "Team Iceland" having to do what no other team had done all season; score on the "Silver Snakes".

Both "Team Iceland" and "Silver Snakes" were clearly the top teams this season and it wasn't close. This is especially true for our champs, who handily defeated "09 Champions" 6-1 in their first playoff game of the night. Despite their good 5-3 regular season record the "09 Champions" were simply outclassed.

In the championship the undefeated "Silver Snakes" were looking to make it 3 straight wins over "Team Iceland" on the season, but our champs had other ideas. Instead, they did what hadn't been done all season, put goals in the net against "Silver Snakes". And while the defending champs were without their starting keeper for the playoffs, they took the loss in stride, ceding defeat to the better team.

In fact, a small shout out to that keeper, Jared, for notching 8 clean sheets through the regular season. We've seen a lot of incredible things these past few years in our leagues, but that has certainly never been done.

Most importantly though congratulations to "Team Iceland" on getting back to the top of the podium! After losing back to back title games to the "Silver Snakes", this championship was definitely hard fought and well-deserved.

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Silver Snakes  photo
Second Place Trophy

Soccer - Thursday Coed (Late Fall '18)
Second Place

Silver Snakes

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Silver Snakes
9 1 0 18 30
  Team Iceland
8 2 0 16 24
  09 Champions
5 (1)º 4 0 10 -7
  Red Hot Chili Kickers
4 4 1 9 3
2 5 (1)º 1 4 -6
  Slated to Win
2 6 0 4 -17
  Game of Throw-Ins
0 8 0 0 -27
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