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Bowling - Thursdays (Winter '19)


Big Bowler Brand photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Winter '19)

  Big Bowler Brand

In a Class of Their Own

"Big Bowler Brand" is our latest Thursday bowling champion, squeaking by "Bunch of Turkeys" by the score of 8-7. The championship game was certainly fitting of being the last game of the season.

The two championship opponents were in a class of their own all season, destined to meet for the league title from day one.

That was especially true for "Big Bowler Brand", who has been dominant all season. Not once in the regular season did they struggle to a victory. In fact, their closest win all season was a 10-5 win over "Split Happens". Even their first matchup against "Bunch of Turkeys" wasn't close, resulting in a 12-3 win for our champs.

With all of the impressive wins "Big Bowl Brand" was also the league leader in total points, finishing with 82. In a distant second was "Bunch of Turkeys" at 67 points. Overall our champs finished a perfect 7-0 as well!

Congratulations to "Big Bowler Brand" on the championship title!

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Bunch of Turkeys photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Winter '19)
Second Place

Bunch of Turkeys

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