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Bowling Standings

Bowling - Tuesdays (Late Fall '19)


Cambria  photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Tuesdays (Late Fall '19)


Sheer Dominance

"Cambria" is our Tuesday bowling champion, sealing an undefeated season with a 14-1 championship win. Their opponent just didn't stand a chance.

Fittingly, "Cambria" ended the season just as they started, with a big win over "The Pin is Mightier". The dominance we saw last night is the same dominance we've grown accustomed throughout the season.

Overall our champs finish with a perfect record. They also never once picked up less than 12 points in a game (aside from a forfeit win for 10 points). That in itself is pretty crazy, considering 15 points is the max point total. Again, sheer dominance.

In all our champs finish with 88 points while only conceding 10.

Congratulations to "Cambria" on an absolutely incredible season! They are truly a champion in every sense of the word!

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The Pin is Mightier  photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Tuesdays (Late Fall '19)
Second Place

The Pin is Mightier

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