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Soccer - Thursdays (Late Fall '17)


Team Iceland photo First Place Trophy

Soccer - Thursdays (Late Fall '17)

  Team Iceland


"Team Iceland" has struck gold for a second straight time, ending the season as league champion. Our defending champ fought off some tough competition last night to take the title a second time, with both games ending in 1-0 victories.

The path to back-to-back titles wasn't an easy one, with a match-up against "Silver Snakes" to start things off. Despite being the #4 seed "Silver Snakes" fought tough, but they were unable to muster a goal against the vaunted "Team Iceland" defense and got shut out.

In the championship game "Team Iceland" took on "United" in a high quality match. With neither team able to separate themselves, it took PK's to decide a winner. In PK's "Team Iceland" was the better team, finally outmatching their opponent and defending their title.

Defense was the key all season for "Team Iceland", continually holding teams to just a goal or two. That, combined with their top notch offense, helped them to a 9-0-1 record. Their one blemish on the season, a 5-5 draw to "Try Hards", was a odd scoreline, if nothing more than an anomaly. Either way "Team Iceland" is our two-time champion, and a well-deserved one! Congratulations!

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United photo
Second Place Trophy

Soccer - Thursdays (Late Fall '17)
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Point
  Team Iceland
9 0 1 18 19
6 4 0 6 12
5 3 1 5 11
  Silver Snakes
5 4 0 8 10
  Chili Peppers
4 4 0 -4 8
2 4 2 -3 6
  Try Hards
1 6 1 -14 3
  Can I Kick It?
0 7 1 -16 1
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